Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Florist

I firmly believe that every floral designer / flower shop brings something unique and needed to the flower-loving community table. But from an engaged couple’s perspective, choosing a wedding florist that is right for you can be overwhelming when there are so many options out there! Read along for some helpful tips.

Photo by White Rabbit Studios

Photo by White Rabbit Studios

Check Their Portfolio

This is maybe the most important factor that should go into your decision! Whether it’s via their website or Instagram, try and review as much of their portfolio as possible. You want to ensure that their design aesthetic is compatible with yours so that you can sit back, relax, and trust that they will create something you love. Most florists have beautiful portfolio photos, but do the size and shape of the bouquets match what you’re picturing? Do they often use a lot of flower varieties that you do or don’t particularly love? Is their stuff either too symmetrical or too asymmetrical? Can you picture most of their portfolio flowers at your own wedding within your color palette? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when checking out someone’s work. What you see is likely a version of what you’ll be getting, so you need to love it! Sometimes designers are interested in doing something fresh and different from their usual style, though, so if you’re ever in doubt if they can deliver on an idea you have - just ask them!

If you’re thinking of booking me, check my portfolio first! We do a loose, organic style and rarely do very round or tight bouquets. I’d describe our style as layered, ethereal, and garden-esque. We put a large emphasis on the color palette of the flowers, and find that getting the perfect colors and tones is the key element of our signature look. We specialize in movement, texture, and asymmetry, and use seasonal and unique flowers and foliages. We also like a large percentage of flowers in our designs and find that we only enjoy incorporating greenery in an intentional and refined way. If any of this sounds exciting to you - let’s chat! 

Get to Know The Designer 

It’s so important that you get along well with the vendors you’ll be working closely with, including your florist. It makes your wedding day so much smoother when you know everyone is on the same page and excited to be working with you. If you’re pretty sure you’d like to book a particular florist (I say this because their time is precious - please don’t schedule a consultation unless you’re serious!), ask if they offer in-person consultations before booking. This first meeting should put you at ease and solidify your decision to work with this person or business. If it doesn’t, or if afterward you just feel stressed or like they weren’t on the same page as you, it may not be a good fit! Most florists want that connection with you as well, as it makes all of their hard work put into your wedding feel totally worth it. Take some time to make sure you’re booking the designer that feels right for you.

I‘ve realized that our happiest clients are ones I’ve felt a connection with from the get-go. I can’t emphasize the importance of having a connection with your vendors. It really allows you to focus on the joyful moments of this process with your family and friends and trust that your vendors are taking care of it all for you. And if you aren’t sure - go with your gut! I’d absolutely love to meet you and see if we’d be a good fit. If not, I will happily refer you to another designer or business who I think could serve you well! 

Ask About Their Process 

All florists have different processes that they’ve fine-tuned to fit their client’s needs. None are better than the other, but it’s good to be aware of their expectations of you and vice versa. Ask how their client process typically works and what is expected from you. Maybe you’re looking for a florist who you can be very hands on with, or maybe you’d rather have someone who you can give a bit of color inspiration to then hand the reigns over. All designers work best in a different way. A few questions to ponder: Are they available to have ongoing email correspondence, or do they mostly do in person or phone meetings- and does this suit your schedule? Is the person you met with the one that will actually be creating your flowers, or do they have staff who execute the designs? No answer is best, but one may work better for you and your particular needs. Let them know up front how involved in the process you’d like to be and that will really help them tailor this experience to you! 

I find that creatively, I work best with a little color, style, and broad inspiration from the client, and a whole lot of TRUST. Trust is where the magic happens! If you’re looking for me to recreate a Pinterest bouquet or to tell me all of the exact flowers you need included (though a few special wishlist blooms are lovely and welcomed!) then I am not the florist for you. As far as process, if you’re looking to work with me you can expect a customized experience. I do my best to meet the needs of each client individually, whether they are busy with school or work or want to be involved every step of the way. Once you inquire with us, I now lay out our process for you in detail so you know exactly when you’ll be meeting and communicating with me. And yes, you’ll be primarily communicating with me, the person also designing your flowers! You don’t have to stress about any design details getting lost in the shuffle. 

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in chatting with me further about your wedding flowers, feel free to fill out the form on the contact page to get started. Can’t wait to meet you!