Bouquet-Holding 101: For Brides-to-Be (and budding photographers, too!)

I see this issue pop up again and again amongst my flower friends, so I wanted to do a little blog on holding your bouquet. And yes, there is a correct way to hold it! I know it’s probably the last thing you’re worried about on your wedding day, and that is totally understandable, but it will impact your photos greatly (and make your florist very happy) if you’re holding it correctly!

Let me start by saying that every floral designer constructs their bouquets differently. I’ve even changed my own bouquet technique over the years (mine used to have a VERY distinct front and needed to be held with the stems more upright). So your best bet is to ask the person who made it what the best angle is for photos. For me, it’s from the TOP! I always try to make it pretty all the way around, but it definitely has a best side, and that is from the top/front. If you look at my Instagram, you’ll see that when I photograph them myself, very little or none of the stems are showing because I’m tilting it forward.

With our bouquets, you can use the ribbon as a guide for what is the front if you’re unsure. If your bouquet is wrapped with flowy silk ribbon, the streamers will be tied on the front facing away from you. If it’s wrapped with satin ribbon with no streamers, the pins securing the ribbon will be on the back side facing you. When you hold your bouquet, relax your forearms over your hipbones and tip the bouquet forward slightly. We cut the stems short to help it tip naturally. Make sure you aren’t holding it too high and covering your beautiful dress!

Here’s a photo reference of the difference:


Okay, not gonna lie, both of them are pretty (kinda hard to get a bad angle with all of those lush local dahlias tucked in there). But the first photo is correct! You miss all of the lovely edge pieces and it’s intended shape in the second photo.

We also include this little note on the back of your bridal bouquet tag if you forget :)


A few more tips and things that I always wish I remembered to tell the brides and photographers:

  • If there is a wilted or broken stem of something in the bouquet (which can happen after it’s been photographed all day) SNAP IT OFF! Don’t try to pull it out at risk of messing up the rest of the bouquet, but please do snap off or cut out what you can see of that one stem. I promise I’d rather it not be there than you thinking you’re messing up the design.

  • Please put the bouquet(s) back in water at some point before the ceremony! It can use a drink every now and then throughout the day.

  • And finally, enjoy your day. Flowers are a teeny tiny portion of it and the most important part is YOUR LOVE and spending this wonderful day with your friends and family. <3